Assigner is supervisor setting


What is "assigner is supervisor" setting?

Suppose you have this pathway as shown below:

Note the groups for the coach.

  • The first step coach is: Manager group
  • The second step coach is: Team Leader group

Suppose Brett who is in the Manager group assigns this pathway.

When "assigner is supervisor " is on

When Brett assigns the pathway depicted above, Brett becomes the coach of the task (rather than everyone in the Manager group). 

Turning on "assign is supervisor" will replace any step in the pathway that has a coach / observer group that matches any of the groups the supervisor who assigns it, is in.

In this case Brett is in the Manager group so any step with the coach / observer set as Manager will be replaced with Brett as the coach / observer for that step. However since Brett is not in the Team Leader group he will not be the coach for the second step.

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