Scoring in checklists

Scoring in checklists can be useful if you wish to track checklist achievement scores and/or would like a user to review their own results.

If you are intending to set a pass / fail score for the checklist, scoring is integral for determining whether a user is 'successful' or 'unsuccessful' once this checklist has been signed off.

You can also choose to make scoring visible to the learner, allowing the user to review the results for each answer in the 'signed off' checklist.


Step 1: Add scoring by turning on the Scoring toggle.


Step 2: Enter in the scores for your answers.

Note: Some answer types do not offer scoring.


When the assessment is completed and signed off, the completed checklist can be reviewed. The final results will show at the top of the completed assessment.


If you've decided to turn on scoring visible to learner, they will additionally be able to see the results obtained for each question once the checklist has been signed off.



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