Create a new Skill

 Step 1: Click on Performance in the left-hand menu.


Step 2: Click the Skills tab at the top of the screen.


Step 3: Click the green + NEW SKILL button.


Step 4: Under Skill name, enter in the name for your new Skill.


Step 5: In the Description field, enter in the description for this new Skill (optional).


Step 6: Decide whether this Skill is a 'Normal Skill' or a Competency. (Competencies bundle multiple 'Normal Skills' together.)


Step 7: Under Appearance, click Choose Icon if you'd like to change the icon for this Skill.


Step 8: In the dialogue box, choose an icon for the Skill.


Step 9: Pick a color for the Skill.


Step 10: Set an expiry and/or notification date for your Skill (optional - see below).

Set expiry and notification date for your Skill (optional)

Expiry Date

Expiry date is the date where the Skill will become void.

Under Skill Expiry enter in the number of months until the Skill will expire.

IMPORTANT: The starting date is when the Skill was assigned.

The system does a calculated example for you in the blue message as shown below.


Notification before Skill expires

The Notification date is when the user will receive a notification that their Skill is about expire. This is also the date when the Skill will be given an "expiring" status.

Under Notification before Skill expires (days), enter how many days in advance you'd like our system to send a notification to the user about the impending expiry of this Skill. 

IMPORTANT: The number of days is counted from the expiry date.

The system does a calculated example for you in the blue message as shown below.



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