Pass/fail settings for checklists

Setting a pass/fail threshold for your checklists allows you to set the percentage which a user must achieve in a checklist task in order to be recognized as 'successful' in that task by our system.

The pass / fail threshold is useful to set if you are attaching a Skill or a subsequent 'unsuccessful' pathway step to this checklist task, and you want to ensure that a 'successful' status means users have obtained a certain level of achievement.

Set the pass/fail threshold for a checklist

Step 1: Turn the Scoring toggle on.

Step 2: Turn the Pass / Fail toggle on.

Step 3: Enter in a Pass Threshold percentage (i.e. the percentage that must be achieved to pass).


Step 4: Enter in the scores for your answers.

Note only Single selection, Multi-selection, and Likert question types have scoring.


Step 5: Check the percentage at the top of the screen for how many points this translates to from the grand total of your checklist. You may wish to bump the percentage up or down to make it better 'fit' the combination of scores which are made possible by your checklist.


When the assessment is completed the score will show when this Completed Learning task is reviewed.



The score and pass/fail status will also show up in the user's Completed Learning tab for ease of reference.
Access this tab by going to User Management > People > [select user] > Completed Learning tab.



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