Automated System Notifications

In order to streamline communications between users, some notifications are automated by our system. These notifications are accessible by users via their account with us, and - in cases where users have a valid email address saved in their profile - a copy of this communication is also sent by email.

These automated notifications include:

  • Invites

A notification is sent when you click the Invite button on the user profile or under the Invite tab in Organization.

  • New task assignment

A notification is sent when a new task has been assigned to a user.

  • Overdue task

A notification is sent to let the user know that a certain task is overdue.

  • Skill and Competency assignment

A notification is sent when a user has attained a Skill or a Competency.

  • Skill or Competency expiring

A notification is sent when a user has a Skill or Competency that is about to expire.

  • Skill or Competency expired:

A notification is sent when a Skill or Competency has expired for the user.

Note: Whilst these notifications are automatically sent by our system, you can still edit the message templates for these notifications.


Sample notification sent to new user - accessed here by the new user 'in app'.


The user clicks this tile to read the notification (below).


The same notification is also sent to the user's email address (when a valid email is saved in their user profile).


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