Autofill: Previously completed assessment(s)

Answers from a previously completed assessment can be pulled to populate another assessment using autofill.

You can pull from:

  • Observation checklists
  • Coach checklists
  • Self assessments
  • Previous pathway step"Previous pathway step (assuming it is an assessment)

Use cases

  • You have a coaching session with some follow ups that you want to populate in the next coaching session
  • Populate a coaching checklist with a direct reports answers from a self assessment
  • You want to populate an observation checklist with the amount of times a certain answer was selected in the previous 10 observations

Autofill rule options

In the autofill rule:

  1. Choose the assessment type, and assessment you want to pull from
  2. Choose the question(s) from your selected assessment that you want to pull from

If you have chosen only one question to pull from you will get the following format options (otherwise it defaults to Text):


Click below to see examples of how these work:

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