Scoring visible to learner

The Coach checklist, Observation checklist and Self-Assessment apps contain a question scoring feature which you can make visible to learners once the task has been completed.

This is a way for learners to review their own score and percentage results once a checklist has been signed off.

Turning this feature on is a great way to close feedback loops, and to give users ready access to explicit information about their performance.

N.B. Scores against questions will not be visible to users in any of the above checklists until the checklist has been signed off.

How to make scoring visible to learners

Step 1: Open the relevant checklist. Turn on the scoring toggle.


Step 2: Turn on the scoring visible (to Learner) toggle. 


The scores which you have applied to questions will now appear on the signed off checklist when a user views this in review mode.

This video (16 seconds: no sound) shows how the scores appear on signed off checklists in review mode. You will see that the Final Results at the top of the screen gives both the score and the percentage for this assessment.

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