Managing filters

In numerous places throughout our interface, our system offers the chance for users to refine their searches for people, content and data through the use of filters.

Filters can be added, edited and 'layered' or connected via 'logical operators' which appear between filters (i.e. 'and', 'or' and 'and not' conjunctions are all logical operators which can appear in blue text between filters). 

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Where can I find filters?

Filters are placed at the top of the screen and appear as a bar like this...


The above example shows one filter which gives you the open to filter by title.

In some cases, such as in the Report Builder, you will see more than one filter offered as a default...


It is possible to add, delete and save sets of filters to customize your view.


Filters: 101 info

Filters: Basic

In the filter bar, click on 'title' and start writing the name of the topic you'd like to find. The list will then show you corresponding topics.

The video below (7 seconds: no sound) shows you how to do this.

Filters: Advanced

Add multiple layers of filters to further refine topic search results by clicking Advanced.

The dropdown menu will then give the option to 'Add a filter to this view'.

Choose whether you would like to add a 'title' filter or a 'group' filter.

The video below (13 seconds: no sound) shows how to add a group filter.


How to remove filters

Removing filters is very easy. See: Delete filters.

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