Add and edit filters

Once you know how to spot a filter, adding and editing filters is an easy task.

You can also save sets of filters as 'views' to save yourself doing this same work again in the future.

Add filters

Step 1: Click on the dropdown arrow next to Advanced under filters.


Step 2: In the dropdown menu, click Add a Filter to this View.


Step 3: Choose the type of filter you'd like to add. Click this option.


The added filter will now appear on the screen.


Step 4: If required, provide further information for the new filter (i.e. the title, or - as in this example pictured above, click the green + button and select a pathway for the pathway filter).


See next section for more information about editing filters, and see 'logical operators' for how to edit how the filters are connected to each other.


Edit filters

To change filters...

Option 1Where the green + box  appears in the interface, it is possible to click on this in a filter to edit it.

Step 1: To edit filters where the green + box appears, click on the green + box.


Step 2: Select the filter option/s you want by clicking on it (note: you can select multiple). 


Step 3: Click OK. The filters will now appear.


Option 2If Change appears at the right-hand side of the filter tile, click on Change to select a different pathway or content type.


Option 3If neither the green + button nor Change appears, simply click on the filter to activate the cursor and enter the new information.

The video below (6 seconds: no sound) shows how this is done.


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