User perspectives: pathways with Coach or Observation checklist steps

This explainer video shows what happens when a pathway contains a Coach or Observation checklist step, and answers questions like:

  • What does a learner see when they get to this step? What do they do?
  • How does the person responsible for the Coach or Observation session know they need to do this?
  • Can the learner access completed checklists after they've been signed off by the coach or observer?

This information will help you to map out your workflows, and to consider how the different roles and permissions you assign your users affect what they can do and see in our system.

For more information, see this related article: Roles and user permissions [chart]

Also featured here is an explanation of the difference between checklist tasks which have been assigned to a specific, individual user to complete, versus checklists tasks which have been assigned to a specific Group for completion.


[6m:57s - contains sound and captions]


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