Locations: Activities and History

If your organization is using our Audit checklists for Locations, being able to check the Activities and History of each Location can be a useful way to check which Audit tasks have been conducted, when and by whom.

The Activities and History tab in the Location Profile page is a way to quickly reference this information.

Activities will show the Audit tasks which have been assigned to this Location, including all that are underway or have been recently completed.

History will show the completed Audit tasks for the same Location


Step 1: Go to Organization in the left-hand menu, and click Locations.


Step 2: Select the Location by searching the list and clicking on its tile.


Step 3: Click on either the Activities or the History tab at the top of the screen to access the information you need.


Note: When you are in the Activities tab, you can use the 'show only overdue tasks' to filter out all 'non-overdue' tasks for ease of reference.



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