What is a Location?

Our system gives you the ability to create and manage 'Location' profiles in the Organization section of the left-hand administration menu.


Locations are the 'targets' for the Audit checklist type.

They will appear as options for Auditors to choose from when they launch an Audit checklist (example below).


Locations, like people, can be added to Groups and Organizations within your Org. Structure.

The Groups feature can be used to group Locations together, or to group Locations and users together for ease of reference.


Where visibility into Locations and/or related auditing activity needs to be controlled, Locations can be added into the Organizations of your Org. Structure. The Org. Structure will manage security for Locations in the same way that it does for people.

However, unlike people, Locations cannot be assigned 'roles' in our system because a Location is intended as a target only - Locations do not have the capacity to 'act' in our system as people do. This also means that they cannot be assigned 'skills' or pathways.


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