What is an Audit checklist?

The Audit checklist type is for auditing Locations.

Audit tasks can be quickly created and launched* via both the main dashboard and via My Tasks.

Audit checklists can be assigned to Auditors as a task with the Location specified, or assigned by Auditors to themselves as an audit task for the Locations they need to assess as required. Whether administratively assigned to or personally assigned by an Auditor themselves, assigned Audit tasks appear in My Tasks

Audits are intended for standalone use, and - for this reason - are not able to be assigned by Pathways.

For more information about how to use Audits, please see the related articles below.

Pictured below: An example of an Audit checklist task ready for completion by an Auditor. The Location being audited is 'Staff washroom: West', and the Audit checklist being used for this session is called 'Washroom Audit [staff]'.


* Only users with 'Auditor' or 'Owner' roles are able to do this. For more information, please see the User Roles and Responsibilities [chart] article.


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