What is the datepicker?



The datepicker is an answer type that can be selected when you create a checklist.

It allows the person completing the checklist to input a date as a question response from a calendar. At the point of authoring a checklist with a datepicker answer type, you are able to restrict the date range available for possible answers if it is useful to do so.

In addition to including a date, if the 'include timepicker' option is selected in datepicker answer types, users will also have the option to include a time with their answer, too.

What is the datepicker answer type good for?

This answer type might be useful if you need to gather date and time-based information, or consolidate and record information about off-site or 'out of session' skills verification dates. Please see the below image for an example of this use case.


Use the datepicker trigger to assign pathways on a specified date

You can really make the datepicker answer type work hard for you by using the datepicker to trigger pathway assignment at on a specified date.

When a trigger is applied to a datepicker answer, the date which is entered into this answer field on the checklist becomes the date on which the pathway in the trigger will be assigned to the same person who is the target of this checklist task. This can be a good way to streamline the scheduling of future training programs.

For example, you may ask an Observer to enter a date and time for the next pathway to be assigned to the trainee. Please see an example of this use case below.


Once the Observation checklist is signed off, our system will register this pathway assignment request. The pathway which is attached to this datepicker trigger will then be assigned the trainee who is being observed in the Observation checklist (i.e. the target) on May 13, 2020 at 12pm

Alternatively, you may decide to use a datepicker answer type in a Self Assessment and ask the user to specify for themselves when they'd like a specific pathway assigned to them. Please see an example of this use case below.


Because the user completing a Self Assessment task is themselves the target of this task, the pathway attached to the trigger here will be assigned to the same user on April 10, 2020 at 9.30am.


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