xapilauncher app and Storyline content

The xapilauncher app hosts and plays xAPI/tincan content for learners from platforms such as Storyline.

It forwards xAPI statements sent by the content, with the actor (learner) constructed as discussed in the article, The 'Actor' Element of xAPI statements.


As an example, standard Storyline packages send the following xAPI statements:

  • Standard
    • <actor> experienced <slide name>
    • <actor> attempted <course title>
    • <actor> completed <course title>
  • Quiz
    • <actor> correctly answered <question title> with response <response id> with score
    • <actor> incorrectly answered <question title> with response <response id> with score
    • <actor> passed <quiz title> with score <score percentage>
    • <actor> failed <quiz title> with score <score percentage>

Install the xapilauncher app to your account

Step 1: Go to MANAGE APPS in the left-hand menu.


Step 2: Scroll down to Authoring Tools and click on the xapilauncher tile.

Step 3: Click the green INSTALL button.


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