Use sort by, filters and saved 'views' to find Supervisor Library topics

In the Supervisor Library, you are able to sort through your list of topics using 'sort by' and filter options.

Sort by

Change the order of the topic list by changing the 'Sort by' settings. These can be found in the top right-hand of the screen underneath the +New Topic button.

Click on the down-pointing arrow to open the dropdown menu and reveal your 'sort by' options. Select an option by clicking on it.


Filters: Basic

In the filter bar, click on 'title' and start writing the name of the topic you'd like to find. The list will then show you corresponding topics.

The video below (7 seconds: no sound) shows you how to do this.

Filters: Advanced

Add multiple layers of filters to further refine topic search results by clicking Advanced.

The dropdown menu will then give the option to 'Add a filter to this view'.

Choose whether you would like to add a 'title' filter or a 'group' filter.

The video below (13 seconds: no sound) shows how to add a group filter.

For more information about filters, please see: Managing filters.

Delete filters

To remove filters, click the small x at the end of the filter bar.


Saved views

You can save filters as 'views' to save yourself time.

Once you've got the filters you need to save in place, click on the blue, round save filter icon next to Current View.

Give the view a name, and click OK to save it.

The video below (18 seconds: no sound) shows how to do this.

This saved view will now appear in a menu which you can activate by clicking on Current View and choosing the view you want from the dropdown.

Delete saved views

Select the view you want to delete from the Current View dropdown menu. Click the small trashcan icon to delete the view.


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