Edit a message template for notifications

Our system sends notifications to users for as standard for some events, and it can also send notifications to users if a notification step has been included in a pathway.

In both cases, the message templates for these notifications can be edited.


Step 1: Click Settings in the side menu.


Step 2: Click the Notification templates tab at the top of the screen.


Step 3: Search for the notification you want to edit in the list of tiles below and click on the message template you want to edit.

Step 4: Edit the message template.




The values with the curly braces will automatically be filled in by the system.

A list of these values are:

  • To insert the recipient's name use: {{}}
  • To insert the user triggering the notification from a training path: {{}}
  • To insert the training path name use: {{}}
  • To insert the task name: {{}}
  • To insert the Skill name: {{}}

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