Checklist content types: What are they?

Our system gives you the ability to create different assessment checklists as 'content types' when you add content to your account. Your choice of checklist 'type' allows you to create different tasks for users in our system.


Image (below): The dialog which appears when adding new content in 'Authoring' screens.



When adding new content to your account, you'll have a choice of adding the following assessment checklist 'types'. Each is checklist type can be used for a slightly different purpose: 

  • Observation
    Good for: Formal situations where assessment data about a trainee is entered by someone else, such as a Supervisor or Observer. 
  • Coach
    Good for: Informal situations where a two-way coaching conversation is needed. This can be guided, supported and recorded by a digital checklist. 
  • Audit
    Use only for: Assigning Audit checklists for auditing the 'Locations' in your system.
  • Self-Assessment
    Good for: Capturing self-reported data about aspects of one's own performance. 
  • Group Training
    Good for: Using a digital agenda for group training sessions and huddles, particularly where data about participant attendance is useful to have.


About authoring and using checklists

With the exception of the Group Training content type, checklist types share a common 'flow' for authoring and using content.

... The good news is that you really only need to learn how to author and assign one checklist type to get the hang of working with the others.

As mentioned above, the Group Training agenda is slightly different to other checklist types, so you'll find information about authoring and using group training content types separately.

You'll find more information about this in our 'Checklist: Authoring' and 'Checklist: Using' sections.


About reporting on checklists

Though checklists, with the exception of group training agendas, share a similar interface, your choice of checklist type will have relevance to your reporting data because you will be able to filter tasks by this checklist type in your reports.

For example, you will be able to make a report only about 'Observation' or 'Group Training' task types.

You'll find more information about this in our 'Reporting' section.


Image (below): The checklist 'type' you choose allows you to create Task Activity reports that filter by task type.



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