Managing the Learning Library

Manage Learning Libraries by clicking Libraries in the left-hand menu.


Then click the Learning Library tab.


This will display Learning Library topics.

Click on a topic and you'll be able to add or delete the pathways attached to that topic, and share the pathways from these topics with different groups of users.

The picture below shows three topics in this Learning Library.


There is one pathway cataloged within the 'Self-care CPD' topic. This is the 'Care for Healthcare Personnel: quality audit' pathway (see below).


From this screen, pathways can be added to this topic with the +Add to Pathway button (1), or deleted with the small x (2).

Sharing permissions for this topic can be altered by clicking share to groups and changing the groups to which it is shared (3). Currently, this topic is shared with all users in the Supervisor group.

A description can be added by clicking the type description field (4), and a thumbnail can be uploaded by clicking the green thumbnail tile (5).

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