User profiles: the colour-coded chips explained

When you enter the People tab in the User Management menu, you will see a list of the users in your system.

You may have noticed that each user's 'tile' in this list has a series of colour-coded chips... And, if you've wondered what the colours mean, look no further.

Pictured below: The colour-coded chips also appear at the top of your users' profile pages.



The colour-coded chips explained...

Blue chips tell you which Organizational Unit this user belongs to (relevant if you have Org. Structure enabled in your account).  

Orange chips tell you which Groups with roles this user belongs to.

Green chips tell you which Groups without roles this user belongs to.


The colour-coded chips in action...

The example below shows that Len is a member of three groups: Coach, Manager with reports, and Example User. Two of these groups (i.e. the ones with orange chips) contain roles. The remaining group (i.e. the one with the green chip) does not.

This example also shows that Len is a member of one organizational unit (i.e. shown in the blue chip): Branch A supervisors.



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