Home dashboard: manage widgets

  • You can customize your personal home dashboard by adding and removing widgets.

  • This is a way to save time - use your customized dashboard to house shortcuts to the system features and reports you use often.

This guide contains information about widgets and how to:

Add a widget to the dashboard
Edit the Supervisor toolbars
> Re-position, resize and remove widgets

> Change widget source
> Edit Supervisor Toolbar buttons
> Add a custom Supervisor Toolbar button
Lock the dashboard after editing
Restore default dashboard view


Widget types

There are three types of widgets you can add to the dashboard: Toolbars, Reporting and Custom HTML.

1. Toolbars gives you the option to add a Supervisor toolbar.


2. Reporting options include adding a Skills Matrix table, a Skills Matrix Chart, or any existing reports you have saved in your account.


3. Custom HTML is designed to allow you to embed the external content you want to keep handy, such as Watershed cards.



Add a widget to the dashboard

Step 1: On the Home screen, click the small padlock at the right-hand side of the top bar to unlock the dashboard for editing.



Step 2: Once the dashboard is unlocked for editing, click the blue + button to add a widget.


You will be given a choice of three widget types to choose from.



Step 3: Click the widget option that you want to add, then click Add widget. 

If you selected Toolbars, the Supervisor Toolbar widget will appear on the screen, and your job is done.

Step 4: Reporting Widget 

If you have added a Reporting Widget, choose whether you want to add a Skills Matrix Table, a Skills Matrix Chart or an existing report. Click Add widget.


Click the green Select button to select the Skills Matrix Table, Skills Matrix Chart or existing report you wish to display.


This will now appear as a widget on your dashboard.

Step 4: Custom HTML

If you have added a Custom HTML widget, a widget will appear with the option to add some embed code to display. Click Add embed code.


Cut and paste in the embed code and click Add embed code.




Edit the Supervisor toolbars

Re-position, resize and remove widgets

You can re-position, resize and remove buttons to configure the look of your dashboard.

To drop and drag widgets: use the six dot icon in the top left-hand corner of the widget tile.
To re-size widget tiles: use the double-ended arrow icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the widget tile.
To remove widgets: click the spanner icon in the top right-hand corner of the widget tile to bring up a dropdown menu, and select Remove widget.

This video (30 seconds: no sound) shows how to do these three things.


Change widget source

Click on the spanner icon on widgets to bring up editing options, such as Change Skills MatrixChange report or Edit buttons, depending on the widget type.


Edit Supervisor Toolbar buttons

You can change what buttons appear and how in the Supervisor Toolbar by clicking the spanner icon in the top right-hand corner of the bar, and selecting Edit buttons.

The following video (11 seconds: no sound) shows how to re-arrange and remove the buttons.

You can edit the name, icon, background colour and source/s for each button by clicking Edit.


Click Done to save changes to your button.

Add a custom Supervisor Toolbar button

You are also able to add a custom button to the Supervisor Toolbar. The following video (40 seconds: no sounds) shows how to do this.


Lock the dashboard after editing

Once you have finished editing your dashboard, click the padlock icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen to lock the dashboard once again.



Restore default dashboard view

Step 1: To restore the default dashboard view, unlock the dashboard and click the circular arrow icon beneath the blue + icon.


Step 2: Click Yes to restore the default dashboard.


Step 3: Lock the dashboard.


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