Report Builder: Create a new report

The Report Builder allows you to customize the data your report captures, refining this as required by layering filters.

This guide will show you how to create and save a new report from scratch.


Step 1: Got to Reporting in the left-hand menu.


Step 2: In the Report Builder tab at the top of the screen, click + NEW REPORT.


Step 3: Edit the name and description for the report you are creating by clicking on each field.

Step 4: Choose your report type from the drop down menu.


Step 5: Based on the report type you have chosen, a series of filter options will appear. You can edit these by clicking on each to add the missing information.


Note: The logical operators between the filters (i.e. the blue words) can also be edited to change how this report will present your data.

Adding more filters: Click + ADD A FILTER to experiment with the filter options available to your chosen report type.


Step 6: To bring up the list of data associated with these report settings, click SAVE REPORT.


 Step 7: Now that you can see the list of report data, make any required adjustments to the filters and click SAVE REPORT to save changes. (This button will appear orange when there are unsaved changes.)


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