Reporting: Generate and download a CSV

Our reporting features, such as the Report Builder and the Skills Matrix, save reports as 'frameworks' of filters. This allows the data your reports capture to always be the most current data available.

If you need to generate a static report of this data, this can be done by generating a CSV within the relevant report. This file can then be downloaded and viewed as a spreadsheet in Excel.


How to generate a CSV

Step 1: Go to the Reporting section via the left-hand menu.


Step 2: Open or create the report you wish to generate and download as a CSV file.



Step 2: Click on the Generate CSV button.



A dialogue box will appear to confirm that the CSV is being created.


The CSV download will then appear in the CSV Downloads tab of the Reporting section of your account.


How to download your generated CSV

Step 1: In the CSV Downloads tab of the Reporting section of your account, find the downloaded CSV file you have generated and wish to download. Click Download.


Step 2: This file will now be viewable in Excel as a spreadsheet.


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