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The Report Builder does exactly what it says on the box - use this feature to create custom reports for a variety of purposes.

By layering filters to construct the data set you require, the Report Builder offers a variety of report 'types' (i.e. Skills Activity, Skills Status, Pathway Activity and Task Activity, for example), as well as additional filters relating to each. These additional filters can be added to further refine the scope of your report down to activity types (such as Observation or Group Training checklists), task names (such as 'Observation: First Aid Training'), and the users or groups of users about whom you need reporting data.

The possibilities here are endless. 

The power of the Report Builder is that, once your reports are configured, you are able to save various report settings so that whenever you load these in the future, you will be presented with real-time data against the same parameters. These saved report settings can be shared with other members of your team* so that they are likewise able to access real-time data as required.

The Report Builder feature saves an incredible amount of manual reporting time and processes, particularly if you and your team have to regularly report against the same parameters.

In the event that static report data needs to be exported, the Report Builder gives you a CSV download option so that you can export your data to an Excel spreadsheet.

Pictured below: An example of a report configured to pull all task activity data relating to Observation Checklists with a task name containing the word 'greetings'.


Pictured below: An example of the list of task activity information which might appear for the above report.


Pictured below: An example of the above list of task activity information once it is exported as a CSV file and viewed in Excel.


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