Report Builder: Share saved reports

When you open the saved report or create a new one, you have the option of sharing the report with other users in your system.

This shares the saved report settings, but not the static data. We have designed the share feature this way so that your users will always access the most up-to-date, real-time data possible.

(If you need to share static report results, this can be done by clicking Generate CSV once you have the report data you need.)

How to share saved reports

Step 1: Once you have the report you wish to share on your screen, turn on the publishing enabled toggle.


Step 2: Choose which groups of users you would like to share this report to.



Note: If your account has org. structure enabled, you will also need to specify org. unit/s, otherwise only the users in this group who sit outside of org. units (we call these 'non-org. limited users) will be able to see the report.

In the example above in Step 2, if this account has org. structure enabled, the only users who will see this report are therefore those users who are in group 'Supervisor' and not in any org. unit.

If your account does not have org. structure enabled, then this report will simply share to everyone in the 'Supervisor' group as normal.

Step 3: If you have org. structure enabled on your account, choose the org. units to which you would like to share this report.


Note: This is very important if your account has org. structure enabled. This step ensures that the users in the group/s specified at Step 2 will be able to see the report if they are in the org. unit you select in Step 3.

In the example above, users who are in group 'Supervisor' and within 'Northside Unit A' will be able to see this shared report.

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