Report Builder: About the Skills Status report type

The Skills Status report 'centres' the users in the systems and tells you the Skills they hold.
(This is a bit different to the Skill Activity report, which looks at who holds specific Skills, rather than what Skills specific users hold.)
The filters which are available for this report type are useful for answering questions like:
  • What people hold Skills X and Y?
  • Who has expired Skills?
  • What people from Group X  hold Skills Y and Z?
  • Who has expiring Skills?
  • Who does not hold Skills 
The screenshot below shows a Skills Status report set up to show all of the Skills held by an individual user.
With its current settings, the report pictured above will produce a record of all Skills held by Amy Way, including those in a 'current', 'expiring' and 'expired' state.
Click her tile to reveal more details.
If a more targeted Skill report is required for Amy, this can be achieved by changing or adding filter settings.
Exporting a Skills Status report to CSV
Once this report is showing the data you need, it can be exported to CSV from the same screen.
Below is a sample of the CSV data produced by the report pictured above.

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