Skills Matrix: Publish a Skills Matrix report to other users [classic mode]

** NOTE: This documentation refers to the classic mode of the platform. **

Sometimes it can be useful to share a Skills Matrix report with other users, such as supervisors and managers. This gives them access to report settings you have saved. 

Publishing a report will not share static report data, but rather, the 'framework' for that report. This means the users with whom you share your Skills Matrix reports will always be able to access current, real-time data whenever they open the report you have published to them.

Only the user indicated under 'Editable by' will be able to edit it.

Note: To share static reports of data, generate a CSV within the relevant Skills Matrix report.


Step 1

Go into the Skills Matrix report you'd like to share. Click the publish icon on the right-hand side of the screen.


Step 2

Click + Add a publishing rule.


Step 3

Choose the groups to which you'd like to publish the Skills Matrix and click Select Groups. Alternatively, click All Groups to publish to all groups.


Step 4

If Org. Structure is enabled in your account, select the Org. Units to which you'd like to publish the Skills Matrix and click Select Org. Units. Alternatively, click Entire Org.

Note: Publishing to an Org. Unit will also publish to all 'child org. units' beneath it in your org. structure.


Step 5

Review the Publishing Rule settings. Make any changes as required by clicking edit, otherwise click Confirm.


Step 6

Click Close.


The Publishing Rule has been set and the publish icon will now appear gold.


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